Drive Cleaner software solutions for home and work - Part2

A second high quality drive cleaner product is made by TapTap Software and is known as Media Detective. It is similar in capabilities to Snitch, in that it is capable of identifying adult content within image and video files. It also has keyword analysis and a number of different algorithms in its scanning arsenal.

Both Media Detective drive cleaner and Snitch have downloadable demos to allow potential purchasers to evaluate the software prior to purchasing.

Enterprise Applications

Organizations have responsibilities to their employees and staff to provide a working environment that is safe. Litigation resulting from exposure to inappropriate material in the workplace is on the rise, and PinPoint Auditor software offers a drive cleaning solution specifically for the enterprise environment. PinPoint Auditor is designed to scan servers and workstations remotely for inappropriate files, including pornography, copyrighted material including MP3 files and movies, files related to terrorism, hate crimes and so forth. It offers network scanning and auditing, reporting and a range of other functions specifically for medium to large enterprise installations.

Snitch free drive cleaner demo

Media detective free demo



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